Helsingborg is the small city with the big visions.

Helsingborg is the small city with the big visions.

Located in the southern part of Sweden, Helsingborg is often coined as the Swedish “gate” towards the continent which makes it a perfect match with one of the leaders of the global street art movement, POW! WOW. For the past six years Helsingborg has grown into one of Sweden’s most prominent street art cities with numerous initiatives, projects and platforms promoting street art and graffiti.

For example, Helsingborg has its own street art festival, Artstreethbg, that has been running for the past five years, the largest amount of open walls in Sweden with roughly 700 meters of surface that can be enjoyed and used by any- one and an impressive amount of actors that for the past five years have educated around 15.000 kids through their educational programs to promote street art and graffiti. Today, there are several actors actively working within the field to inspire our future generations and to make Helsingborg a more dynamic, vibrant and creative city.

Mural from Artstreet by ???

And it is here where the dream of organizing one of the worlds most prominent street art festivals starts. For the past years, the team behind POW! WOW! Sweden has been a big part in the development of this ”rising” move- ment that includes festivals, jams, educational initiatives and much more in Helsingborg.

Kulturhotellet/Streetarthbg has worked closely with the city of Helsingborg in several projects including initiatives such as Artstreethbg and other urban development projects aiming to beautify, inspire and improve urban space. Timothy Avery, Ludvig Lindholm Persson and Collin Avery have in addition been a vital part in the local graffiti scene, organizing jams and educational programs together with schools and after school facilities in Helsingborg – giving local graffiti artists the possibility to express themselves and inspiring our future

We cannot wait to create a long lasting change for our community together with all the partici- pating artists, sponsors, partners and visitors by bringing people together through arts and culture. Hope to see you all there!