Let's start with a fun fact: I adore paradoxes, almost as much as I love oat milk in my morning coffee. As a Strategic Communications student at Berghs School of Communication, I'm diving into the world of Art Direction with the zeal of an artist and the precision of a strategist.

Why Art Direction, you ask? Well, I've been a designer all my life, cherishing Adobe Illustrator like a treasured family heirloom. Now, I'm back in school, not just honing my design skills, but also sharpening my mind in the art of creative thinking – you know, those complex models and theories that sound like they're from a sci-fi movie.

One of the coolest tools I've learned is thinking in opposites – like, "What would be the least expected thing here?" and then, making that the highlight. For instance, in a project where everyone chose Dove for a campaign, I picked Pedigree. Why? Because my dog (whom I'm pretty sure I love more than Illustrator, and possibly as much as my morning oat milk) inspired me to flip the script. While others focused on typical lovey-dovey animal campaigns, I thought, "What if we get cheeky and playful, like using the Australian term 'bitches', for female dogs in a bold, humorous way?" It was risky, but it paid off with attention-grabbing creativity.

Then there was this time with El Taco Truck. Picture this: a street food sensation turned sauce empire, aiming to revolutionize the Swedish taco aisle with a splash of pink. My initial thought? Start a taco-based religion (yes, really). But, considering the practicalities and the less-than-enthused response from my group, I shifted gears. Instead, I dived deep into social listening and SEO tools, gathering data like a detective on a mission. The twist? I proposed they should get back to their street food roots, not as a step back, but as a unique strategy to showcase their authentic flavors. Imagine Foodora ghost kitchens serving up their heritage, making people crave the product they can now conveniently buy for their home. It's about showing, not just telling, in this digital age.

And let's not forget the time I worked with RFSU to address the rise in STDs in Norway. My first pitch? You guessed it – another religion-themed campaign (I might have a thing for starting quirky movements). However, this time I landed on something more...brew-tiful. A beer with a condom attached to the bottom. Why? Because, unfortunately, 68% of people tend to forget protection during casual, alcohol-fueled encounters. So, why not pair responsibility with enjoyment? An RFSU 'Safe Sip Lager' – to drink responsibly and, well, you get the gist.

Finally, there was this challenge to sell digital cameras in an age where smartphones reign supreme. I thought, "Who uses a camera daily?" Not many. But here's where the paradox kicks in – reviving the allure of digital photography by showcasing its unique charm, turning the old-school into the new cool.

So, why me for the internship? Because I bring a blend of unconventional ideas, a love for challenges, and a dash of humor that's as refreshing as a cold glass of oat milk on a summer day. I'm ready to dive into the world of Oatly and advertising with a spirit of innovation and a backpack full of creative tricks.

Looking forward to the possibility of creating some oat-standing work together!

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